New Day; Spring Cleaning


So yesterday I woke up with the feeling to clean? Ever get that? No? Oh, well Maybe it’s just me. Anyways, So i woke up this morning and my brain went “MUST CLEAN EVERYTHING” Now this was at like 6:45 so naturally I say “Dammit Brain, Shut Up, I’m trying to sleep” But with no prevail.

So I hauled my ass out of bed and just stared at my room. It was DISGUSTING. Clothes everywhere, Everything had hand prints on it, really dusty, looked like the windows have never been cleaned, and bed sheets not cleaned for an embarrassing amount of time. So i got to work. I cleaned and washed, and dusted, and did laundry till about noon. It was great, But I still had alot of my shit lying everywhere. So then I had to find spots for everything, but in order to do that I needed to organize. I pulled every single thing i own and put it on the floor. Then i spent the next 5 hours finding spots for everything. Then Vacuumed and steam cleaned.

To make a long story short “Too late”, I cleaned from 7:00 am- 6:00 pm (Almost 12 Freaking Hours!!) cleaning my very small room. For those (very few) people who are reading, just know that once you finish cleaning, you will feel exhausted  but so proud and accomplished! So, then I slept for 12 hours. Maybe not the best Idea


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